Panoramic radiograph

Panoramic radiograph - Orthopantomogram (OPG) Effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis!

Opportunities for the patient and the doctor:

  • receiving visual and more accurate model of the teeth, roots, tissues, upper and lower jaws;
  • scaling separate sections and changing the angle of view, providing accurate diagnosis of problem zones;
  • control over the treatment (the computer program monitors: as it was before and as it became after);
  • consultation in the course of treatment (OPG results on display in the dental office);
We recommend OPG for all kinds of dental treatment (for surgical treatment, installation of implants, orthopedics and orthodontics) in order to obtain a complete picture of the treatment site directly, and neighboring areas. Will be useful and supervision of all areas (even if at the moment there is no apparent reason for concern). Remember also that the regular passage of OPG with preventive dental checkups therapist to diagnose the occurrence of diseases at an early stage, and thus reduce the risk of tooth decay and to save you from unnecessary expenses on dental treatment of chronic diseases.