Dental restoration in Prague

Restaurování zubů

Dental restoration in Prague

Oral health restoration has already become a standard procedure for most dental clinics. Since recently, however, many patients have been making perfectly reasonable requests not only for the recovery of the normal function of masticatory and vocal apparatus, but also for an aesthetic result in dental treatment. The specialists of our dental clinic in Prague are proud to offer their clients not only high tech and quality treatment, but also a chance of better aesthetic result, as well as preventive activities allowing for its long-lasting effect.

Dental therapists of our dentistry in Prague can offer artistic restoration of the tooth crown (outer surface) as an alternative to standard high-quality fillings and crowns. The dental practitioner recreates the tooth structure layer-by-layer using nanocomposite dental restorative material, and the ultimate outcome is even better than what nature has granted.

Excellent results can be achieved with micro-prosthetics (veneers and inlays). In such a case, the aesthetic result is accompanied by functional reliability.

High aesthetics and natural look of the restored teeth are ensured if the gingival contour corresponds to the contour of healthy gums, which is the natural mark of youthfulness.

Tooth replacement with dental implants might be the best option in a regrettable situation when the teeth are missing.

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