Dental hygiene in Prague

Dental hygiene in Prague

Dental hygiene in Prague

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🌐 Praha 5, Štefánikova 18/25, metro Anděl
 Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8:00-20:00h


Professional dental hygiene. Ultrasonic, Air-flow.

The general condition of the body depends on many factors, important among which is health and teeth. Conventional brush and toothpaste is not effective against the formation of plaque. At first he was not noticeable, but in poor oral hygiene, he turns into a kind of frame of carbohydrates, which prevents access of saliva to the surface and reacts with the coating. This leads to the fact that the minerals which are present in saliva, plaque deposited on it. This causes the formation of stones. The rate of stone formation is influenced by many factors: whether you clean the kind of food prefer, whether you smoke, what is the state of your digestive tract.

Dental clinic «Andel Dent»

Dental clinic «Andel Dent» was founded in 2008. We are located in a beautiful part of Prague – Anděl (Angel). In our clinic, represented all areas of modern dentistry: dental implants, all kinds of dental prosthetics, non-metal and metal-ceramic, micro, partial denture, artistic restoration of teeth, Professional oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics. All kinds of services are licensed and certified.

Since its opening in 2008 «Andel Dent» has established itself as one of the most successful dental clinics in Prague. The secret of our success lies not only in the combination of high professionalism and ultramodern equipment, but proper planning of dental work, aimed at meeting the patients needs. Main «Andel Dent» team motto – it is your health and perfect smile.